What is AGSDM

Appsgram School of Digital Marketing is a part of "APPS GRAM GADGET SECURE PVT. LTD." as one of the top Digital Marketing Training provider for Students, Corporate, Working Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

What AGSDM do?

Appsgram School of Digital Marketing provides classroom and online training for Digital Marketing on both weekdays and on Weekends also. Here we teach how to get maximum result with the right approach to marketing in the best way possible.

Our thinking

Training for Professionals

For Professionals, AGSDM provides 38 hours training and 2-day workshop in Digital Marketing. In this we enable professionals to learn latest skills and tools which are needed to increase any company's by teaching them the right Lead generation, proper market target, Conversion of lead into business and to increase that company brand value.

In-class training

A real-time training is provided by us using updated strategy in our classes. we provide both weekend and weekdays classes for working professionals and students respectively. We use Notes, Projector, Videos, PDFs and class discussion for teaching in AGSDM.

Our Courses

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If you are interested in our Digital marketing course and you have any doubts then you can signup here for Demo Classes.

Top Queries

How AGSDM will help me to getting a job?

AGSDM will help you to prepare your resume showing your capabilities and knowledge. AGSDM's teachers will also guide you "how to get prepared for job interview".

What is our teaching facilities qualification and experience?

AGSDM's teaching facilities are well qualified. They themselves have lots of certificate in Digital Marketing and have proper experience in teaching.

what if i have some doubts even after class?

Thre will be ten minutes small doubts class daily in case you have any doubts related to any topics, then you can ask that time.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, you can pay total amount in two equal installments within 20 days from the date of joining of course.

What type of Certificates AGSDM will provide me?

We provide AGSDM certificate and also help our students in getting certificates from Google, Bing and other platform.