Role of Content in a website

Content is really very important for SEO. it works well with SEO. And according to many Digital marketing experts, it is said that Content is King. So let's discuss content.

If you have a website and wants it to rank properly then you should have relevant content written on it. If a website doesn't have relevant content then there are fewer chances of that website to be shown in good ranking on different search engines.

Content is King

According to recent Google updates, it is well known that if a website doesn't have relevant content than it will lose its ranking in search engines. Google bots and google algorithm Panda is not taking this content thing very seriously. Google Panda is a Google algorithm which tracks down a website which doesn't have good quality content or spammy content. Sometimes some website owner just copies content from other websites and paste it on their website. This procedure is not good and should be finished completely.

So for those people who like to copy data from others website Google Algorithm Panda is present. Google Panda will penalise those websites which have those errors.

So keep it in your mind that:-

  • Content should be unique
  • Content should be related to the website.
  • Content should be updated regularly on the website.

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