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When a user visits a website, he/she goes through the content and if this content is valuable, consistent and relevant, then it creates a very positive effect on the viewer. Thus, we can conclude that a strategic approach to create and distribute an attractive and engaging content that can clearly elaborate the brand. Content marketing works on umbrella term which includes techniques, strategies and methods to fulfill the needs of a business. The most relevant and interesting content can attract new visitors, convert them into customers, and retain the old customers by keeping them engaged. Content can be of many forms such as blogs, social media content, and video etc. Content marketing practice is being used by most of the business or marketers. But still effective content marketing is not so easy and not even hard if it is done in a proper manner. First of all, a marketer needs to decide the goals for the content marketing.

Goals of Content Marketing

It is factually proven that content plays an important role in digital marketing but still it can be effective only if your goals and objectives are clear. Without determining a goal, content cannot work for you. There are some key goals that should be followed while preparing for content marketing:

• The first goal of marketing should be brand awareness instead of increasing sale.
• If the brand awareness is done then the next focus should be on lead generation.
• After generating a lead, the goal should be to engage existing customers by creating interesting content.
• Lead nurturing is an essential objective to be followed to engage the customers.
• The work not finished after making a lead, instead the work now starts as now it comes to retain the customer and keep their loyalty.
• Now the final goal is to increase Sales by adopting all the above mentioned points.

These are some tactics and goals to be followed. Yet, it will be a plus point if you think out of the box and innovates new goals and ideas to be followed while planning for content marketing.

How to start Content Marketing?

Once you have decided the goals or objectives for content marketing for your business, here is some guidelines that you can follow:

• The first thing to adopt before starting content marketing is to find a reason for the same.
• Conduct a detailed study of the types of customers, their behavior, in what they are interested and how they will use your content.
• Collect your content and check what you already have and what will you need.
• After working on above points, now, it’s time to organize your content and conduct research for the best formats and channels for your content marketing campaign. Give preference to those channels to which you think, will get more traffic on your website.

The final touch can be given by testing, measuring, and optimizing the content on a regular interval. Try different formats and types of content. Run Google Analytics to measure the performance of your content marketing. By doing Google Analytics you can monitor your marketing expenditure.

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