Digital Marketing-Overview

In the modern era, internet plays an important role in every field whether it is of study or to do a business. Marketing is an essential part of a business and for marketing purpose; we use different platforms including offline and online platforms. Online marketing can also be referred to internet marketing, web marketing or digital marketing. Digital marketing includes various tools as websites, e-mails, various applications on computer or mobile phone, and many other digital mediums. The products and services can be marketed by using social media platforms also which includes the use of Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media options available in the market.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing was being used from the 1980s but it was not well defined. It is known that since late 1990s digital marketing got its real definition. Digital marketing is not only a combination of search engine optimization, Pay per click and banner advertising, but it comprises wireless text messaging, instant messaging, e-mail, fax broadcast, blogging, voice broadcast, video streams. It is clearly visible that traditional forms of marketing such as Television, Radio or print media are not included in the category of digital marketing as it is not possible to get instant feedback from the viewers or listeners. We cannot conclude digital marketing in just a few platforms. It has a wide range of platforms and the wide range of platforms we use for digital marketing so that our business can make its reach to a wider range of audience and from this audience, a business gets its customers.

A quick analysis of why to use digital marketing for a business.

Real-time monitoring of marketing campaign can be done only through the mode of digital marketing which is not possible on other forms of marketing. In digital marketing, an organisation can monitor how the marketing campaign is performing including who is visiting the website or watching the product or services, how many times someone has visited it, how long the viewer stayed on the marketing content, and the rate of response of the viewer in the form of purchase made.

Following are some points which are enough to explain as to

why digital marketing is more beneficial and convenient:

• Digital marketing offers numerous advantages which can lead to the success of the product or service. Here the saying “Great power comes with great responsibility” suits as the customer is now free to post positive, as well as negative, feedback on various social media platforms as blogs, and websites about their experience with a product or service.

• Since, the customer can give positive as well as negative feedback and negative feedback can motivate a business to do better and try to provide the best possible services.

• The digital marketing not only offers a wide area to reach for a product or a service based business but also the 24x7 customer support is a positive point of the digital marketing. The customer can connect to customer support at any point day for the resolution of their queries. At present, huge e-commerce companies/business houses, as well as small dealers, are shifting their method of advertising from traditional marketing to digital marketing to get better customer base.

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