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In the cutting age of Internet and Smartphone technology, everyone needs an email address to start a Smartphone. Have you ever think that email addresses can be your platform to promote your brand? Email marketing is a popular and cost effective marketing option to digitally promote a business. First of all, we require understanding the correct meaning of email marketing. Email marketing is a part of digital marketing. It is a technique to promote a brand by sending email to a list of email addresses at a time and to develop a healthy relationship with regular clients. Let’s make it simple, email marketing is a powerful tool to acquire new customer, engage the existing customers and retain them for your business.

Email Marketing Campaigns should be designed while keeping in mind

the following things:

• Segmentation for email marketing should be powerful, yet simple to reach the right audience.
• True and clear statistics on which action can be taken.
• Your email marketing campaign should be flexible and spontaneous.
Email marketing can surely increase your business if it is done in correct way. Follow the email marketing tips while preparing a plan for marketing through email:
Create your own email address list: It is more effective to create your own email address list instead of buying it. It will save your time and you will get more effective list instead of being a spammer.
Take good care of your customers: While running an email marketing campaign, always remember that they have trusted you and provided you their email and name etc details, so treat them well if you want to be treated the same.
Don’t just try to sell something all the time: Don’t just try to sell your product all the time. Use these email addresses to make a good bond with your customers. Send them birthday and anniversary wishes.

What is the benefit of Email Marketing?

Low cost: Email marketing is inexpensive as most of the email sites are free to use. So it will cost less when compared to other method of advertising.
Easiness: It is easy to send newsletters about new product launch, special offers on brand, and one more point i.e. to remind your customers that your business still exists. Email marketing is more beneficial as it offers analytics capability as like CTR (Click through rates), open rates, bounce rates and customer conversions.

Types of newsletters

We have divided newsletters into four parts:

Email newsletter: It is used to provide timely, helpful and expected updates about a brand. It increases engagement and retention of a subscriber.
Acquisition email: These emails are sent to convert the visitor into a customer by sending them compelling offers. You need to focus on the users who have shown interest in your offer or brand.
Retention email: A smart email marker uses retention emails to keep its active user. This can be done by sending email for customer’s valuable feedback.
Promotional email: Promotional emails are good to drive sales targets and announce new or special sale or offer. Rewarding engaged customers with some special offers will definitely create a strong customer base.

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AGSDM will help you to prepare your resume showing your capabilities and knowledge. AGSDM's teachers will also guide you "how to get prepared for job interview".

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