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Before starting to talk about Google Analytics, let us discuss Web Analytics. The collection, measurement, analysis and reporting of Inter dated in order to make web usage more optimized and organized is termed as Web Analytics. Web Analytics is used to keep a complete record of a customer’s journey. There are numerous analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, Flurry, MixPanel and some others that are very powerful and allow the marketer to really dive into rich data and patterns of the visitors of a website. Website and mobile apps are evolving at a rapid rate, so you also need to develop a consistent analytical eye on the trends.
Marketers often feel it difficult to connect with online and offline customers and to keep a view on their journey to their brand. With the help of Google Analytics, they keen keep in touch with the real-time data of their viewer’s journey. In short, Google Analytics opens up new ways to analyze how the viewers engage with the product and how is marketing campaign performing. Marketers can understand from which source they are getting traffic on their brand page i.e organic search, email or paid search and what is the quality of these online leads. According to the lead volume, the marketers can transfer the focus and budget preference on the high-quality lead volume to get better returns in the form of customers of their brand.

Understanding the users of a site, their activities and their behavior through Google Analytics will lead to the following benefits:

• Through Google Analytics, it becomes quite easy and time saving to measure the performance of the website against set targets.
• A complete understanding of user needs and interest, and analysis of how the site meets customer’s needs.
• It provides the ability to optimize and make modifications to improve the brand or website based on the results.

How does Google Analytics perform?

Google analytics performs on the basis of collecting user’s behavioral data based upon which, the marketers can decide their goals and objectives for their business.
• Google Analytics records the user sessions or visits by identifying users with the help of IP addresses, cookies and authenticated users of a website.
• Cookies is the most common user identification method being used worldwide. Cookies are small packets of collective data which is collected during the visit of a person to a website.

Points to be considered while planning a Google Analytics strategy.

• Give priority to visitors: It is a good idea to think of the visitors instead of visits to your website. The marketers need to explore the data such as visitors IP address to know about the visitor's geographical location, in which pages visitors have shown interest, on which page the visitor spend less time during their visit to your website.
• Use multiple platforms for analyzing data: The marketers need to pay attention to multiple platforms as website marketing analysis, mobile data and so on.
• Target to maximize returns: You can maximize the returns on collecting, analyzing data and then implementing improvements to your website and brand. This analysis will enable you to create a roadmap for your digital marketing campaign.

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