Lead Generation for a business

As the present era is of high end technology, Internet is the most important part of it. Earlier, it was hard to get information but with the growth of high speed internet, it had become quite easy to get rid of information scarcity as the information is available in abundance. Similarly, the information regarding a product or brand can reach easily to the buyers through various channels as email, message, Google and other search engines etc. So it becomes essential to generate the lead because lead generation plays a vast role in any form of marketing or business. In the old time, lead generation meant only to found the buyers and passed the sale to them.

What is the meaning of lead generation for a business?

First, we will discuss about lead. What is lead? Although, there are different definitions for different companies depending upon their sales cycle but if we take the standard definition, we can say that the potential buyer, who is interested to know about your product and later shows interest in buying it, may be termed as a lead for a business. In simple words, lead generation means the marketing or advertising process of stimulating interest of a buyer in a brand for accelerating sales. To generate lead, a brand needs to make its digital presence.

Why to create a Lead Generation strategy?

It is essential to create a solid lead generation strategy for a business because only by doing so, a brand or a business can build trust and gather the interest of your buyer. With the rise of internet and social media, digital presence is essential for a brand for lead generation. The buying process is changing day by day. The people don’t have enough time to visit to the market and to look for the products. Instead, they use to do research online by using various platforms. You don’t need to just send a blast of emails to the lead it will only waste time of your sales team. You need to create more innovative and interesting ways to present your brand in front of your customers. Also, you need to optimize your website, pay attention on SEO and social media.

Best lead generation tactics

If we talk about lead generation tactics, lead quality tops the list. Creating a quality is plays an important role for a business but it is the toughest task we can say. Budgeting, lack of resources in staffing, lack of time, and lack of high quality data are the barriers in quality lead generation. A website is a face of a company. A creative website, email marketing, and doing conferences and tradeshows are the most effective tactics works for lead generation. Print advertising, cold calling, and direct mail are the least effective tactics for the lead generation for a business. For better lead generation, you need to create and post interesting and relevant content to build a trustworthy relationship with your customers and also make sure that your content is being distributed on all the channels where your audience/buyer/customer spend time. Make them aware of the available options even before they have planned to buy something. Stimulate their interest in your website and brand by exciting offers.

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What would I learn in DSIM’s Advanced Digital Marketing Training Program?

DSIM’s ADMTP is an advanced level training program in digital marketing, where you will not only learn A-Z of digital marketing but, apply your learning practically, thanks to DSIM’s widely praised extensive practical exercises and case-studies.

What is the average starting pay package in digital marketing?

The average package for complete digital marketing profile is INR 3.6 lacks per annum.

What if I miss my classes?

In case you miss a class or do not understand any topic, you can attend backup classes absolutely free of charge.

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The fee for the Advanced Digital Marketing Training Program inclusive of all taxes, study material, missed class support, post-completion support and all other flexibilities is just Rs.66,611/- The fee can be paid in 2 instalments.

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We provide industry recognised certification in digital marketing & will also help you to become Google Adwords certified which is valid all over India. Thanks to our excellent job assistance, now get interview notifications in your e-mail.