Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a multiplex, digital marketing program, which target at reaching an audience on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, as websites, email, SMS and MMS, social media, and apps. Mobile Marketing is marketing activity designed for marketing products or services on Cell phones, Smartphones, and other handheld devices. Some mobile marketing is to be alike to advertising that delivered over other electronic channels such as text, graphics and voice messages. SMS messaging is recently the most common delivery channel for mobile marketing.

The enlarging capabilities of mobile devices also enable new types of interactive marketing. New mobile marketing channels include:
• Mobile Location service detects the area that user is connecting from geolocation and sending marketing messages for businesses in that area.
• For including much more information, 2D barcodes scan is used. A Smartphone user can scan barcodes in the domain to access associated information.
• Another form is to PS Messaging that includes location-specific messages that the user picks up when he comes into range.

Create a Mobile Marketing Strategy

• Every brand and organization will develop a unique mobile strategy based on the industry and target audience as with any marketing effort. Mobile technology provides all about customization and personalization, which is called to mobile marketing.

• Create Mobile Buyer: Understanding the needs of your audience is the first step to any marketing strategy, and buyer personas do valuable tools to aid in that understand. Buyer personas are simply fictional representations of your various types of customers. It is easier to decide a channel and voice for your marketing messages when you have a clear picture of your target audience. A simple way to start is to research big data reports on mobile usage.

Use Google analytics to better understand a specific market for which you are going to opt for your site’s mobile traffic. You can also ask or survey clients and prospects about their mobile web usage.

• Set Goals: The key to defining an effective strategy is to first decide what success looks like. You should get the key stakeholders together to map your mobile marketing strategy and you should set your goal. You should talk about the goal with your team.

o Firstly, you have to talk about the mobile, and make sure everyone should work the same page as you begin.

o If you are already doing mobile marketing, you have to identify that how can do your work.

o You should know your main objectives for including mobile marketing in your overall strategy, and you should consider mobile now, that what you expect from mobile marketing.

o You should know your key audiences for mobile marketing. You should talk about your customer personas in light of mobile usage updates that how is similar or different each persona’s mobile usage.

o You can engage your mobile audience cross-channel. This discussion will help analyze how the channels you’re currently using can be included in your mobile marketing strategy.

Through Mobile Marketing, you can send relevant news, articles, and research. This free chapter download provides background on the technologies behind mobile marketing.

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