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“Every Organization needs a Good Reputation to survive in such a competitive world like dish needs a name, a dish without a name does not exist”. In the early days when people wanted to buy something of a grade, according to their needs, they use to discuss with their neighbors, from where to buy, when to buy etc including all the details, because by doing this they use to get the conformation about the product which they are going to use is perfect for them and it is reliable. But the knowledge varies according to the area and city, so they use to get the limited information according to their neighbors and relatives competency. That time, in the market, it was a case of Market Reputation System. India is a vast country and it has different languages, colours and culture. Nowadays, we all know how we measure any organization and its stature. We simply are the followers of GOOGLE BABA. We type the things we want to know and get the result with a tic-tac.

At present, your business gets the reputation when the online ratings are high, and the consumers and followers are satisfied with your services. Reviews and Online Reputation System plays a major role to build a strong relationship between the customers and a company.

Every single organization whether a StarCorp or a Startup; all you need is to maximize their stature on online platforms. Social platform also plays an important role in this, like you can maximize your Brand Power through these sites also. There are number of sites that help you to maximize your business profit and status. There are number of companies dealing with it in your area. You have to just tip–tap on the keyword and find the solution to improve your Online stature. The main power now a days is marketing, the more you are doing marketing through different channels the more your chances are up.

Social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, now recently WhatsApp has launched it Whatsapp Business App through which you can deal with your consumers or business related people on it. Google Analytics is a free Digital Marketing Tools through which you can increase your digital stature. Youtube is another option for advertisement and marketing. If you want you can also take your product to the TV through AMAGIMIX.COM that is India's largest online media planning and buying platform for Television Advertising.

Some Important Do’s & Don’ts:

• Try to follow the latest trends according to your product and organization’s needs.
• Be active on social media on different platforms.
• Try to be a good listener, and be humble to your customers while replying online or offline.
• Don’t try to copy others, be yourself, be different; it will help you to create and increase the quality when compares to others.

Pay attention to the quality of services and brand, this will help you to manage the reputation of your brand on online platforms. Because online reputation will also create offline reputation as some customers are the result of recommendation and people will only recommend those brands of which they have like the qualities.

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What would I learn in DSIM’s Advanced Digital Marketing Training Program?

DSIM’s ADMTP is an advanced level training program in digital marketing, where you will not only learn A-Z of digital marketing but, apply your learning practically, thanks to DSIM’s widely praised extensive practical exercises and case-studies.

What is the average starting pay package in digital marketing?

The average package for complete digital marketing profile is INR 3.6 lacks per annum.

What if I miss my classes?

In case you miss a class or do not understand any topic, you can attend backup classes absolutely free of charge.

What is the fee? Can I pay in instalments?

The fee for the Advanced Digital Marketing Training Program inclusive of all taxes, study material, missed class support, post-completion support and all other flexibilities is just Rs.66,611/- The fee can be paid in 2 instalments.

What type of degree/diploma will you provide me?

We provide industry recognised certification in digital marketing & will also help you to become Google Adwords certified which is valid all over India. Thanks to our excellent job assistance, now get interview notifications in your e-mail.