Google AdWords: to get a global exposure to your brand.

With the increased use of digital marketing the Google Adwords has got fame as it covers broader range of viewer and visitors to a website and due to which the brand gets strong customer base. Google AdWords is defined as an online advertising service developed by the largest search engine Google to help business/marketers reach their targeted customers instantly. It is a marketing place where companies or marketers pay to make their website on the top of the organic search results, by using particular keywords. The basic idea is, this uses keywords based result pattern. If a user visits a search engine and types some keywords which relates to the keywords that you have selected for the advertisement of your brand. When someone searches for a particular keyword on Google, Google displays a list of relevant searches among which the top and the bottom results shown are generally ads. This list is chosen based on a combination of factors, including the quality and relevance of their keywords and ad campaigns, as well as the size of their keyword bids.
Google charges the companies on Pay per click (PPC) model which means Google use to count the clicks by the user on your ads and charges you for each click on ads. Impressions are also counted by Google which allows you to count how many times your ad is shown on search engine.

Preparation of a winning PPC Campaign

It takes efforts to launch an effective PPC campaign which as a result can generate customers for a brand. The campaign includes researching and selecting the effective keywords, organising those keywords in a proper manner which are satisfying the search of users as well as creates business for the company.

Following points need to be considered while preparing PPC campaign:
Relevancy of Keyword – Keyword research is time consuming but creating a relevant keyword group is essential for the better visitor’s traffic on a website. Also, the keyword list is needed to be improved on a regular basis.

Maintaining Quality Score – Google provides rating for the quality of the keywords and relevant keywords to user’s specific choice get higher quality ratings in PPC campaigns. Marketers who have better Quality Scores get more ad clicks and even at lower costs. Don’t send all your traffic to the same page. While preparing keywords group, pay attention on the relevancy and quality of the keywords used in an ad to get more clicks. As Google not only displays the company’s ad that have paid more but it prefers the customer’s choice and relevancy to the customer’s search.

Creating small Ad Groups: It is a better idea to split large ad groups into smaller ad groups to improve click-through rate (CTR) and Quality Score given by the search engine. You can pay attention to the relevant ad groups, which will help you to create more targeted landing pages.

Review and revise costly PPC Keywords: Review costly and not or under-performing keywords and change then with the less costly keywords which are more effective, if require.

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