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We are living in the revolutionary age of social media. According to a study, every second, 4 new members are joining social media whether on Facebook, twitter, linkedIn, and many more. Have you ever think about making social media an advertising/marketing platform for your business or brand? These days social media is being used for marketing purpose due to its wider coverage area in comparison to traditional marketing methods and low cost as most of the social media platforms are free to use. The techniques that use social platforms or applications to promote a brand or to spread awareness about a particular service, is referred as social media marketing.

Are you thinking to create a social media marketing campaign? Are you stuck on getting a clue as to how and where to start; we are here to assist you. At first, you need to understand what is the exact meaning of social media marketing? In simple words, every action and execution about your brand, which you are performing of social media whether posting something on social media, like, comment, reply and sharing are part of social media marketing. It seems quite simple while we are talking about this but it is not as simple as it appears to be. But, it is not so complicated yet, if you build a comprehensive social media marketing strategy.

Points to remember while preparing a social media marketing strategy:

To plan a social media marketing campaign, you should collect and organize your data of what is your position today and what are your short-term and long-term goals and what tools you are going to use while getting to your goals. As organized your strategy will be so will be the results. Try to keep your strategy concise instead of broad and lofty as it could be unattainable. The social media marketing strategy can be divided into following steps:

1. Creating smart objectives and goals: While preparing for a work, the first step is to determine a goal or objective and it is also true with the social media marketing. If you have determined your goals then your action will be quick and absolute. While organizing your marketing goals keep your audience and targeted population in mind and keep in mind that your goals should be-

• Relevant to your company's goals.
• The goals should be realistic so that they can be attainable.
• There should be a proper time bound for your objectives.
• The goals should be specific to avoid confusion.
• The objectives should be measurable so that you can measure the success of your marketing campaign.

2. Doing a social media audit: After deciding goals for the promotion of your brand or service, now it becomes essential to conduct an audit of your social media use. In this audit, you need to find out to whom you are connected right now and for which social media platform suits better to your goals. You need to analyze which social media sites are being used by your competitors in the target market.

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