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In 2018, digital marketing stands as a booming career option for the youth in India. Digital marketing has been successful in making a very strong impact in the Advertising and Marketing world with some of the most striking features like a high response, cost-effectiveness, convenience, flexibility and efficacy. The chances of development of the digital marketing industry in India are quite high with increasing numbers of points of contact.

Development of the Digital marketing Arena

The digital marketing industry carries a worth of 7300 crores Indian rupees. There has been a rise in digital advertising through tablets and mobile phones and increase in the high demand for skilled professionals in the field of digital marketing. Other industries in India are found struggling with growth rates of 5% to 12% while the digital marketing industry in the country is growing with a growth rate of 42%.

Digital marketing to Offer around 8 Lakh Jobs in 2018

It has been estimated that digital marketing will be offering around 8 lakh jobs in the year 2018. This number includes jobs that are inter-related or dependent on Digital marketing.

The Growth of Internet User

At present, it is being found that the internet has completely changed the way in which people used to purchase required items and products and even the way most companies sell their services and products. Starting from computers to mobiles, clothing, electronics to books, most people are using of the internet for the purchase of different services and products. The rise in the use of internet has resulted in the development of online businesses which have created job opportunities for the people. The increased access to the internet has been possible with a reduction in prices with everyone being able to afford a smartphone. This has resulted in the growth of internet users in the last decade. From 5th September 2016 after launching of Jio for common people active users of Internet increase very fastly. Jio is said to have 13 Crore users after one year. So we can say that Reliance Jio has revolutionized Internet Usage in India.

The Success of Online Shopping(, etc)

Another reason behind the development of digital marketing space in India is the success of online Shopping. The online space has gone through a complete revival in the last decade with the e-commerce market still in its budding stage in India. It has been reported through proper research that the thirst most famous search category on the internet is shopping. As there is an increased number of people showing great interest in shopping online, investors are finding it beneficial to invest in India. This has resulted in the development of the e-commerce market in India. Websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc are working in India for past many years. They have done around business of more than 1000 Crore each by themselves till now.

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If you are working professionals and working in a related field then you should take a weekend course from AGSDM. Working Professionals who want to increase their work efficiency and work speciality must join this course as this course will increase the skills which are required for them to survive in the existing digital environment.

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How AGSDM will help me to getting a job?

AGSDM will help you to prepare your resume showing your capabilities and knowledge. AGSDM's teachers will also guide you "how to get prepared for job interview".

What is our teaching facilities qualification and experience?

AGSDM's teaching facilities are well qualified. They themselves have lots of certificate in Digital Marketing and have proper experience in teaching.

what if i have some doubts even after class?

Thre will be ten minutes small doubts class daily in case you have any doubts related to any topics, then you can ask that time.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, you can pay total amount in two equal installments within 20 days from the date of joining of course.

What type of Certificates AGSDM will provide me?

We provide AGSDM certificate and also help our students in getting certificates from Google, Bing and other platform.